Stop Over at Lake Tahoe

Tahoe AU11-53
Day 1 on my Colorado trip finds me at Lake Tahoe, where I struggled to get some quick shots of the lake during the hour before sunset. Although the light was terrific, with a beautiful mixture of clouds and sun, I had difficulty finding vantage points from which to shoot. There was always a tree or a boulder in an inopportune place. Nonetheless, a beautiful place:

Tahoe AU11-1

The following shot suffers from blown highlights in the sky. But I got another shot with the sky exposed correctly which I can combine with this 2 minute exposure.

Tahoe AU11-16

This shot shows the trouble with the shoreline on the east side of Tahoe: no place to put a tripod!

Tahoe AU11-5

Tomorrow I travel deep into the bowels of the Great Basin!